Thyroid Problems? Diagnose Yourself in Just Days with Our Thyroid Test

The thyroid self-test kit lets you diagnose problems with your thyroid from home.

Your thyroid does a lot for your body. While it isn’t as recognizable as the heart, brain, or your liver, it works hard to regulate your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and your metabolism.

Individuals with thyroid problems often find it challenging to maintain a healthy body weight because their metabolism is not as efficient.

Getting tested for thyroid issues is a long and drawn out process through the traditional healthcare system. Your doctor may test for unrelated things first, trying to rule out other less serious conditions. All of those tests can result in months of wasted time before you reach the eventual conclusion that you have a thyroid problem.

The Diagnose at Home thyroid self-test kit is a welcomed alternative to long wait times at clinics and inefficiencies in our healthcare system. With our at-home test, you can quickly test yourself for any thyroid problems and receive your confidential results within a few days.

Beat those clinic wait times and diagnose your thyroid problem now.

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Undiagnosed thyroid problems can also lead to:

How does your thyroid test work

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to your thyroid functions


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  3. Our physicians will analyze your results.
  4. View & track your health improvements.

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