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Low iron levels can impact your quality of life and lead to other conditions.

Feeling sluggish. Lacking energy? You could have an iron deficiency. We’ve all been told to get more iron in our diet at one point in our lives. But why is iron so important to us, and why should you order an iron ferritin blood test?

Ferritin is a protein that contains iron, and it’s what our body uses to store iron inside of our cells. Small amounts of ferritin are released into our bloodstream to keep our iron levels in check. However, iron deficiency can result in fatigue for individuals with a natural iron deficiency or diets that do not provide enough iron.

With all the vitamins we try to consume daily, getting enough iron can be difficult. The Diagnose at Home iron deficiency test provides you with an easy way for you to keep tabs on your iron levels. That way you can catch any iron deficiency in your system right away - and monitor how it may be impacting your quality of life.

Order our home blood iron test today if you want to determine your iron levels from the comfort of home.

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