Experiencing Post-Antibiotic Diarrhea? You Need Our C. Difficile Test

Don’t write off post-antibiotic diarrhea as nothing. You may need a C. difficile test.

Beneficial bacteria found in things like antibiotics and other medicines are essential for treating specific viruses. But sometimes those helpful bacteria can overstay their welcome. Whether you just completed a round of antibiotics or had a recent stay in a hospital, you may require a C. difficile test.

The Diagnose at Home clostridium difficile catalase test checks your C. difficile levels and can identify whether you have a clostridium difficile infection. Our test determines the levels of this bacteria in your stool -- the amount and types of toxins being produced --so you can diagnose why you’re having diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Get to the bottom of your digestive health once and for all. Order your stool C. difficile toxin test today.

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