at DiagnoseAtHome Inc. Canada

DiagnoseAtHome Inc. is a leading virtual healthcare platform, providing exceptional remote health care management and diagnostic self-testing to patients across North America. We emphasize inclusivity, universality and ease of access to our platform even in the most remote of locations. We enable patients to access a full team of doctors, nurses and allied medical specialists from the comfort of home, supported by the latest innovations in diagnostic testing. Our mission is to make our patients healthier, empowered and confident in their access to unparalleled health and wellness resources.

DiagnoseAtHome Inc. has partnered with leading laboratories, healthcare organizations and businesses across North America with rapid growth.

Our vision is to modernize how patients access personal health testing and healthcare consultations with the goal of fully immersing patients in their healthcare experience from start to finish.

Our medical team is comprised of nurse clinicians, nurse practitioners, family physicians, allied health professionals and care coordinators who all contribute to the continuous improvement of virtual care and patient experience. We work in collaboration with the entire team in our virtual healthcare hub. As a medical provider, you will have access to the full complement of our multidisciplinary team and diagnostic testing resources. DiagnoseAtHome Inc. allows health professionals to carry out complete consultations: questionnaire, visual examination, diagnosis, treatment, diagnostic testing, follow-up and if necessary, prescription sent directly to the patient.

As a nurse clinician, you will be responsible for being the first point of contact with our patients. You will orient them to our virtual health care hub, advise on available diagnostic testing, allied healthcare services and medical consultations. You will assist patients in reviewing diagnostic testing and laboratory results.

As a clinician in our virtual clinic, you will have the chance to be part of a highly qualified group of doctors, nurses, care coordinators, psychologists, psychotherapists and nutritionists. You will also contribute to the continuous improvement of virtual care and the patient experience.

The profile sought:

  • Excellent communication skills are required. (English and French written and spoken is an asset)
  • 2+ years of nursing experience
  • Experience in expanded roles, preferably in community or front-line care, emergency or intensive care experience are assets (the nurse must have at least one of these experiences)
  • Available to practice in-office or from home

What we can offer you:

  • Opportunity to collaborate in a dynamic multidisciplinary team
  • Implement comprehensive clinical acumen in caring for patients from across North America
  • Provide innovative healthcare delivery and diagnostic self testing
  • Competitive compensation based on shift work

It is important to note that telemedicine is a practice that is subject to regulation by the appropriate regulatory authority in the province or territory where the professional is licensed, is physically present at the time of providing care, and regulations imposed by the province or territory where the patient is at the moment of receiving the patient.

All DiagnoseAtHome Inc, health professionals practice only when they are in compliance with the regulations mentioned above. DiagnoseAtHome Inc health professionals receive training on standards of practice in telemedicine. Remote Health Management Certification included.