An Easy to Use Diabetes Test Kit That You Can Use from Your Home

Get proactive with your health today by verifying whether you have or are at risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that many Canadians will develop at one point in their life. Whether you have a family history or develop it through poor dieting and exercise, diabetes can severely impact your quality of life.

Diagnosing diabetes through the traditional healthcare system can be a long and slow process. You have to meet with your family doctor, do blood work, meet with a specialist, and many other steps. Diagnose at Home has developed an easier way for you to achieve the peace of mind you so badly deserve from the comfort of home.

What's measured?

How this test is measured

Can you test for diabetes at home?

Our diabetes test kit is perfect for individuals who:

What causes type 1 and 2 diabetes?

Common symptoms of people with diabetes

Early detection is key – get tested today!


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