Diagnose at Home brings individuals across North America a more efficient and empowering way to manage their health.

We’ve reinvented healthcare for an online world. Our online health portal brings easy access to an online doctor when you need one, along with an extensive range of medical diagnostic kits you can administer at home, with results delivered confidentially by a health professional.

We provide everything you need to manage your health in one secure portal:

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  • Consultations with online doctors
    and allied health professionals.

  • Safe, confidential online portal
    to manage your results.

  • Ongoing medical care
    and personalized treatment plans.

  • In-home diagnostic testing kits
    (8 categories and more than 30 individual tests).

  • Customized diagnostic testing solutions
    for organizations

  • Referrals to specialists
    to “Custom Analytics and Reporting” for all use cases.


Our ability to deliver ongoing healthcare consulting - a true lasting relationship with the patient - puts us in a league of our own

Diagnose at home is designed for anyone dissatisfied with their current healthcare experience, or don't have local access to the healthcare specialist that they require.

It's the perfect alternative for those who don't want to travel to a public clinic to be tested and treated for a health condition.


Catering to patients everywhere:

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  • Patients living far from conventional labs.
  • Patients suffering from sensitive condition, (ie. STI's. HIV or fertility issues) and prefer home testing and discreet consulting.
  • Busy professionals wanting to minimize work interruptions
  • Patients with chronic diseases wanting access to testing at-home